Wheels and tyres are probably one of the first things new owners change on a Mustang - whether it be Modern or Classic. It's the easiest way to personalise your Ford Mustang.

There is a wide range of Mustang wheels in the UK and there are two popular ways to buy of them.

The first way is to import Mustang Wheels from the States and the second is to buy Mustangs wheels from UK supplier. Both have their advantages.

Importing Mustangs wheels from the US

The advantages of importing Mustang wheels from the US are:

  • Cost - usually cheaper
  • Greater range available
  • Second hand rare original wheels are available

The disadvantages of importing Mustangs wheels to the UK are:

  • Delivery time for large shipments
  • Cost due to heavy shipments (don't forget to allow for vat to shipping too!)
  • Potentially less post sale support or more inconvenient due to time differences
  • Returns are more costly and infinitely more time consuming
  • Don't forget the import duty and TAX!!

Buying Mustangs Wheels from the UK

Buying from a UK Mustang wheel dealer MAY work out a little more costly, but there are advantages:

  • You can view the wheels with your car before you buy
  • You can ensure they fit your Mustang and have the correct offset, width etc.
  • After-sales support
  • Pre Sales support
  • Greater understanding of the UK market
  • Speedy delivery if in stock
  • Fitting service

The disadvantages of buying Mustang wheels in the UK are:

  • Potentially more expensive (but not by as much as you think)
  • Smaller range of Mustang wheels available

UK Mustang Wheel Suppliers

North Hants Tyres and Wheels

UK suppliers of American wheels and tyres for both Classic Mustangs and Modern Mustangs and stockists of:

  • American Racing wheels in the UK
  • Boyd Coddington Wheels in the UK
  • BF Goodrich Tyres in the UK
  • Firestone Tyres in the UK
  • Plus 10% off all online orders!

Click here to visit.

US Automotive

American Racing Wheels official distributor and importer of American car parts to the UK

Click here to visit US Automotive


American wheels and tyres including Crager Wheels and Cooper Cobra Tyres


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